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Grow Marijuana Cheap Budget Guide

When you grow indoor you need to make a choice about using soil or hydroponics. Hydroponics will cost a lot more than growing weed with soil.

I will list the tools you will need for growing with both soil and hydroponics. I will also make a guide for dirt cheap poor man growing. When I first started growing I started off with the cheapest of everything. After a while I went all in and spent well over $1,000 on a good CO2 controller, grow tent and grow light. First I will compile the poor mans grow list.

Growing weed with very little money and little space.
So when growing cannabis on a tight budget you need to buy cheap or get stuff for free. First thing is first, CHECK CRAIGSLIST for cheap grow lights and equipment! You can find some dirt cheap stuff on craigslist and save a bundle of money. You can even find free stuff on craigslist! The money you save can go straight to nutrients or paying your electricity bill.

Recommended Grow lights for low budget poor mans grow:
Grow with CFL lights. You can buy these lights at a 99 cent store or dollar tree, last option would be Walmart. I would stick to 23 watts or more power per light. So if you want 200 watts buy about 10 lights. You can also buy the aluminum reflector, socket and power plug all in one at Walmart. When growing with CFL stick to SOFT WHITE 2700k or BRIGHT WHITE 6500k. When you flower your plants be sure you have more 2700k lights. Growing with CFL is possible but your not going to have a giant harvest.

A better option grow light would be a 150 watt 175 watt or 250 watt High Pressure Sodium HPS light. The reason why I say high pressure sodium is because its better to use during flowering. If your on a tight budget buying a Metal Halide may not be the best option. You can have great success growing with an HPS light the entire growth. Growing marijuana with a low wattage HPS light is much better than growing with CFL however YOU WILL HAVE MORE HEAT. It is very important to move the heat up and away from your grow space. When I grew in my walk in closet with a 250 watt HPS the temps would reach 98 degrees Fahrenheit. This is very hot! So I made a hole in my ceiling and had a fan suck out heat throughout the day. It brought the temps down a bit, but using an air conditioner would be even better.

Get free flower pots from your backyard or front yard. If you do not have free flower pots for growing buy some at Walmart.

Buy some cheap ORGANIC bat guano for nutrients. DO NOT USE MIRACLE GROW! Do not use any type of fertilizer that is not organic! If you use a chemical based nutrient it has to be made for marijuana. You can only buy these type of nutrients at hydroponics shops. Follow the directions on your Organic nutrients for feeding, you can also look for KELP as a nutrient. In general any ORGANIC nutrient will work and should be used.

For soil I must recommend OCEAN FOREST or ROOTS ORGANICS soil. This isn't the cheapest but its 10 times better than normal soil. You can buy this stuff at a hydroponics shop. I do not recommend soil from Walmart or Lowes or any place that is not a hydroponics shop. YOU WILL regret using normal or just any soil!

Buy 1 or 2 fans and make sure 1 of them is oscillating.

Summary of stuff to buy for a cheap grow:
CFL lights or an HPS light with low wattage
Free flower pots or cheap ones
1 or 2 fans and 1 has to move around and oscillate. This is the basics and its all you need to grow weed. Buy seeds or clones from online, friends or family.

To learn how to grow, please visit all the links on this page for more details. You can also join the forums for help.