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How to clone Marijuana guide.

Can you clone a flowering marijuana plant? Yes, you can clone a marijuana plant at any stage.

Can you clone an auto flowering plant? Yes you can clone an auto flower. But the plant will not grow that big because its flowering already when you clone it. It will not grow in vegetative stage. I recommend you do not clone auto flowers. If you want more auto flowering plants, i recommended you make seeds with a male and female. I had PURPLE GEMS auto flowers and made like 200 seeds with two plants. This is your best option for making more auto flower plants.

Can you clone a marijuana clone? Yes you can clone a marijuana clone.

Step 1 Cloning Marijuana
First you take a cutting about 2-3 inches long for the clone.

how to clone marijuana part 1

Step 2 Cloning Marijuana
Then you slowly and gently slice off a small piece of the side at an angle. Cut at the bottom of the clone stem.

how to clone marijuana part 2

Step 3 Cloning Marijuana
Then you dip your cutting in clone powder or clone gel. I recommend clone powder its much faster and higher success rate. I like to use Schultz TakeRoot Cloning Powder.

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Step 4 Cloning Marijuana
Place your clone in your soil or hydroton. Make sure the clone is nice and moist but not soaking wet.


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Step 5 Cloning Marijuana
Place your clone in a Humidity Dome Green House. Then place a 23 watt CFL light right over it for 18 hour days or 24 hours.
how to clone marijuana part 5

Cloning Tips:

Be sure that the clone never drys out, make sure it stays moist and not soaked. You can buy a heat mat for about $25 and place it under the clone green house and it will increase the speed of rooting. Open the green house once per day for at least 7 days. Check for roots and then plant into your flower pot. Cloning a plant is not very difficult. You should get the hang of it fast. If your clones are around 90-100% success rate then your doing good. If any clones die and do not root please make sure your doing it all correctly. Never leave the clone soaked in water, just nice and moist. Make sure your using a greenhouse to hold in the humidity. A 23 watt cfl is all you need for clones. 18-24 hours per day on a timer.


clone gel marijuana

Clone Powder bottom & Gel top

clone powder marijuana

Humidity Dome

clone house marijuana humidity

Heat Mat

clone heat mat