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CO2 Carbon Dioxide Guide

Do you have to buy CO2?


No, you do not need to buy CO2 to grow marijuana indoor. There is a natural amount of free CO2 in the air all around us. So if you are not supplementing the CO2 be sure to have fresh air in your grow room or grow tent. If your growing in a grow tent inside a room. The CO2 in the room is available to use in the grow tent. So its better to leave your grow tent unzipped and open, have the fans on with one in the room blowing into the tent to receive the CO2 from the bedroom. Make sure there is at least 1 oscillating fan in the grow tent moving all the plants. NOTE: Buying a complete CO2 kit and adding 1500 PPM of CO2 on a constant basis is WORTH IT, but not a necessity. You will get buds with out CO2, just not as much as you would if you invested the cash to buy a professional system. If it makes you feel any better, I NEVER grew with CO2 for many years. I grew with just the fresh air!

How to make free cheap homemade CO2 (carbon dioxide) mix the following: Mix 2 lbs of sugar in 1 gallon of water. Any container with a cap will work if you do not have a milk gallon. You don't have to use 2 lbs of sugar exactly, you can use less if you like. When you use less it will still work and produce CO2. The only difference using less sugar is you need to refill sooner. Have the cap on the gallon with small pin holes in it. Make sure there's lots of holes. Add 1 package of yeast or 1 tablespoon. You can buy this at Walmart for like $1. The bubbles being released is CO2! You can add sugar when the bubbles stop to make more CO2. Empty out every 1-2 weeks and start fresh. This is a cheap way to make CO2 but its not accurate. You can't know how much CO2 is in the air without a CO2 monitor. BUT IT DOES WORK and does provide a boost. There is an expensive crappy product out there called the CO2 bucket that does this same thing. They charge you an arm and a leg when you can do it at home for much cheaper.

How to set up a professional CO2 complete system kit for growing plants.
Things you will need to buy:

CO2 controller and monitor (climate controller) these cost between $400-$1000. I recommend the SENTINEL Controller brand.
Aluminum 20 lb or 50 lb CO2 Tank cost between $100-$200 ANY BRAND
CO2 Tank Regulator cost between $100-$150. I recommend the Titan brand co2 regulator.
Refill Tanks when empty at Hydroponic stores. refills are from $15-$20 for the 20 lb tank.

I would recommend you purchase a climate controller like the Sentinel CHHC-1 with CO2 tank and with regulator. Although this is expensive its much more accurate and automatic. This setup is like $700 total give or take and its complete! The CO2 controller will release CO2 until it reaches 1500 PPM and maintain that automatically. Plants grow much faster when they have 1500 PPM of CO2 consistently. Although its not needed it does help grow plants much faster and larger. CO2 plant tutorial, how to CO2, DIY CO2.

When do you use CO2 on your plants?
You can use CO2 on your plants at all times. From seedlings or clones until the last day when you harvest. You want to maintain 1500 PPM of CO2. You need a CO2 monitor to know the PPM in the air.

Do you need CO2 to grow plants?
Yes, CO2 is naturally in the air at about 600 PPM. Plants breath in CO2 and grow more with higher levels of CO2. You can grow plants with the natural amount or you can increase it to 1500 PPM using a CO2 Tank with Controller and CO2 regulator.

Is CO2 important?
Yes, without CO2 your plants will not grow very well. So it is important to get fresh air into indoor grows at all times. If you have a CO2 tank supplying 1500 PPM of CO2, you do not need fresh air.

CO2 Overdose is usually when you see yellowing leaves. Get a CO2 Monitor to avoid this. CO2 Controllers come with monitors!

Can you spray your buds or weed plants with carbonated sparkling CO2 water?
You cannot spray CO2 onto the plant with sparkling water! This is not the way! You need a CO2 tank on a regulator filling the air in the grow area with CO2. You need a constant 1500 PPM of CO2, this is IMPOSSIBLE with sparkling water. You would have to spray constantly and then you would have WAY TO MUCH HUMIDITY. THIS WOULD BE EXPENSIVE and you would have to stand in your grow all day spraying. INSANE! Buy a complete CO2 kit or just get fresh air into your grow. Outside air contains 600 PPM of CO2 so having fresh air in the grow DOES help and is better than standing up spraying all day. If you want CO2 then use the sugar, yeast method if you cant buy the CO2 kit.

What level of PPM for CO2?
You want to maintain 1500 PPM. This is the maximum CO2 you want for fast growth, using more is wasting the CO2.

Do not Sleep in a room with really high CO2. Overall 1500 PPM is safe but if it goes much higher and your asleep and don't can dangerous. MAKE SURE YOUR REGULATOR IS COMPATIBLE WITH CONTROLLERS! Some Regulators can freeze and release a lot of CO2 non stop until the gardener see's what happened. CO2 is safe when used properly, but it can smoke you if your not careful.

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