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Deep Water Culture Guide

When growing with hydroponics there are different hydroponic methods that marijuana growers can use to grow their medicine. Hydroponics systems and kits are popular with medical marijuana growers. Hydroponics are great for growing large plants in less time. When growing medical marijuana with hydroponics you want the biggest plants when you have limited room to grow. Deep Water Culture is one of the easiest and cheapest hydroponics methods out there. I personally prefer DWC Deep Water Culture over other hydroponics methods.

You can grow very big large marijuana plants with soil but it takes a bit more time vs using a hydroponics kit and method. Hydroponic systems and kits can speed up growth rates fast and give you better control on the plants schedule. Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponic systems and kits are very popular and easy to use. I'm sure many medical marijuana farmers will agree with me. Deep Water Culture is a hydroponics method where the plant’s root mass is grown directly into the water with nutrients. This requires a large amount of air bubbles so its important to have a strong reliable air pump when growing with Deep Water Culture methods. Deep Water Culture is the most simple and cheapest method to grow marijuana with hydroponics.

Deep Water Culture hydroponic system kits have 2 options. A closed or recirculating system. Closed systems, each plant kit is its own reservoir. All adjustments to nutrients ppm and ph are done individually to each closed system kit. Recirculating Systems are multiple closed systems connected together then connected to a reservoir which makes it a RECIRCULATING system. Recirculating system ph and nutrients ppm can be controlled at the reservoir. Closed Systems are good for small growers. Recirculating systems is great for the more advanced grower with more plants.

Please see the below photos of a Closed System Deep Water Culture kit and a Recirculating Kit.

Tools needed for Deep Water Culture Closed Sytem:
Air pump
Air tubing
Air stone
Bucket with lid
Net pot
Hydroponic Nutrients
Plant and grow medium
closed deep water culture system


Tools needed for Deep Water Culture Recirculating Sytem:
Air pumps
Air tubing
Air stones
Water pump
Buckets with lids for both the plants and 1 reservoir
Net pots
Hydroponic Nutrients
Plants and grow medium

Connect all the Closed Systems together and then connect them to the reservoir to make a Recirculating System.

deep water culture recirculating system