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Fans for Marijuana

How to provide good Air Flow for indoor plants using grow tent fans?

I would recommend at least 1 occilating fan (fans that move from side to side) and 2 or 3 smaller fans in a 4 square foot area.

Make sure all your plants leaves are gently moving every 5 seconds.

This is an oscillating fan.


If a plant doesn't move gently just move your fans around. You want all marijuana plant leaves moving gently at all times. If you can have an Air Conditioner maintaining temperatures that would greatly help out.

Its important that the leaves are moving because they take in co2 from the air. When the leaves are moving more co2 is available for the leaves to take in. For more information about co2 click here.

How do you get rid of marijuana bud smell?

Buy a carbon filter and attach an inline fan to filter the smell. Google: HYDROPONIC FANS or GROW TENT FANS. The carbon filter needs to match the fan size. Check out the photo below.


This is an inline fan attached to a carbon filter.

Can I grow marijuana in a closet?

Sure you can, but leave the door open a few minutes daily to get fresh air inside. Also be sure to add Co2 if you don't have constant fresh air moving in. Co2 levels will drop without fresh air so you will need to supplement the Co2. (adding co2 is not needed, however it does help)

Can I grow marijuana in a Computer Tower?

I do not recommend this for new people. Chances are you will get very little bud, maybe none! If your a pro then your very capable of producing marijuana in a Full Tower Computer case. If your going to grow in a small space like a computer tower make sure its a FULL TOWER size. There is a big difference between a small tower, medium tower and a full tower. If you buy a computer tower make sure you paint or cover any clear see through windows on the tower.

Can you get high from smelling the flowers of marijuana?

No you cannot get high from this, you must smoke or vaporize the THC crystals to get high.