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How to fim Marijuana guide.


What is fimming marijuana? Fimming or Fim is just like topping except you don't completely remove the top. Instead you only cut off about 80% of the top and leave a small amount to recover and grow back.

How do you fim a marijuana plant? To fim your weed plants is very easy. Simply take some scissors and cut off 80% of the new growth coming out of the top of the marijuana plant.

Is fim better than topping a marijuana plant? Both fim and topping plants are great to use and try. When you top a weed plant you get 2 new branches, however when you fim a weed plant you get 4 new branches.

Should I top or fim my weed plants? Some people do both or just fimming. I personally prefer fimming more than topping the weed plant. Topping is great when you want to make a clone and you can root the topped part of the weed plant.

Does Fimming help grow bigger better buds? Nutrients and lights are what give you bigger buds. What fimming a weed plant does is make more branches. It doubles the top area from 2 to 4 branches every time you fim. What this does is give you more COLA bud locations. You can fim as much as you want and make the plant very busy. NOTE: SUPER FOLIAGE SPRAY AUTOMATICALLY MAKES YOUR PLANTS GROW SUPER BUSHY FAST! ORDER TODAY.

When do you fim a weed plant? You can fim a marijuana plant at any point after the you start seeing branches grow out. Just follow the fim guide on this page and you will learn the correct method.

Do I have to fim the plant? No, you do not have to. If you use SUPER FOLIAGE SPRAY you will have bushy plants no matter what and have no need to fim.

Step 1 How to Fim Guide

Locate the new growth on the top of the marijuana plant.

how to fim marijuana part 1

Step 2 How to Fim Guide

Cut off the top 80% of the new growth but make sure you leave a small amount to re-grow back!

how to fim marijuana part 2

Step 3 How to Fim Guide

When you are done cutting it should look like this. You can see the small amount of growth that was left over to recover.

how to fim marijuana part 3

Step 4 How to Fim Guide

After a few days of growth you will notice 2 new branches growing. You will also notice that the area that was trimmed is recovered and growing another 2 branches. You will now have a more bushy plant.

how to fim marijuana part 4