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How to Flush Marijuana plants.

Flushing marijuana for harvest is a simple process. It is a very important step when you are growing with chemical nutrients. You do not need to flush a plant if it was grown using organic nutrients. If you used chemical nutrients its best to flush the plant 2 weeks before the harvest date at the least. I would prefer 3-4 weeks before harvest. You should have a PPM Meter to check the water runoff as you flush. When flushing it is important that the water you use is clean and has a low PPM. If you are flushing using tap water, make sure your ppm are under 100. If your tap water ppm is above 100 I would recommend you flush using filtered water. The best option is to own your own Water Purification Filter System the common name is RO FILTER. When you have the water ready for flushing please follow the next steps.

Step 1 WATER YOUR PLANTS SOIL AND CHECK THE RUNOFF PPM USING A PPM METER. When you check the PPM please make a note of it. Chances are your ppm will be hundreds like 400-1000 ppm. In some extreme heavy feeding situations I've seen 9000 ppm. This means that WAY to much nutrients was being fed to the plant.

Step 2 AFTER YOU CHECK YOUR PPM RUNOFF, CONTINUE TO WATER YOUR PLANTS UNTIL THE PPM DROPS. My filtered water is a ppm of about 10 ppm. So I flush the plant until the ppm falls to about 10 ppm. This tells me that most of the nutrients have been removed from the soil. This is a time consuming process and you WILL use a lot of water to flush out the soil in the pot.

Step 3 After comfirming that your ppm has fallen to the ppm of the filtered water you are done flushing. Make sure you do not water your plants for a few days possibly even a week. The flushing process over waters the plant so do not water until the soil drys.

You can use a flushing flavor to add taste which are sold at hydroponic shops. I wouldn't recommend this, however some people like to do it. I prefer the natural taste of the bud. This is a simple flushing process and a PPM meter is a must have. When growing with hydroponics and not any soil the flush process is much easier.