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How to Harvest Marijuana.

When harvesting marijuana plants you have a few options. If you like a strong Mental sativa like high, you may want to harvest earlier. When you like a chill stronger indica body high you may want to harvest later.

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If a marijuana strain is advertised at 8 weeks flowering. Harvest at 8 weeks for a sativa like high. Wait at least 10 weeks for a more body high. What happens when you wait longer is that the CBD content increases. This CBD molecule is great for people who suffer from pain or other body aches or problems. This CBD gives you a more body high. I like both THC and CBD so a hybrid is always good. When growing SATIVA strains you will have more sativa qualitys. The same goes for Indica strains, they tend to have a lot more CBD content. Another great way to check for harvest. Observe the plants trichomes with a 100x magnifier to see the color. You can purchase a 100x magnifier on ebay or amazon. If trichomes are turning an amber brown color your plant is ripening and can be cut down. You can cut the plant early at 8 weeks or wait 10 weeks for heavier nicer buds. In general its best to wait 10-12 weeks and then harvest for bigger buds. So the longer you wait to harvest the HEAVIER the buds are! WARNING don't wait to long or the THC starts to break down. In general don't wait longer than 12 weeks. Please note that some plants do take longer than 12 weeks, but I would just avoid those strains. Checking the THC crystals with a 100x magnifier is the BEST way to decide when you want to harvest.

When you decide to cut the plant down make sure its all in one piece. CUT THE PLANT AT THE BOTTOM IN ONE PIECE. Then cut off all the leaves as best as you can.

Hang the plant upside down in a closet or large box. Keep away from sunlight or indoor lights.

Let the plant dry from 3-5 days. After the plant has dried for at least 3 days remove all the buds and place them in air tight glass jars.

Open the jars once daily for about 5 minutes for the first 7-10 days. Take a bud and smoke it to see if you like it. Remember the longer you leave the bud in the glass jars the better the cure and taste of the smoke. It will be a much smoother smoke the longer you allow to cure.

If buds are really moist just take them out of the jar for an hour and place them back in, repeat until needed. Drying and Curing your weed takes time, if you do not have patience you can ruin your bud. If you dry it to fast it becomes harse. If you take your time it becomes a smoother smoke. BE PATIENT. The best smoking weed out there takes 3-6 months of curing and patience.



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