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Medical Marijuana


Medicinal marijuana or medical cannabis is used as medicine all around the world. It is no secret that marijuana has many beneficial uses in the medical world as well as industry. Here is just a small list of medical marijuana uses:

Alzheimer’s Disease
Appetite or Nausea
Asthma and other breathing disorders
Chronic and severe pain
Crohn’s disease and other Gastrointestinal disorders
Epilepsy or seizures
Hepatitis C
Migraine Headaches
Multiple Sclerosis
Psychological conditions
Tourette’s syndrome
Terminally ill patients

There is also over 25,000 documented uses for the marijuana plant. Food, textiles, construction and industry all can use the marijuana plant oils and fibers. Marijuana is considered a cure all and is widely known to help many people get threw difficult times. Many states within the USA have now passed laws allowing the medical use of marijuana. If your in one of these states all you need is a doctors recommendation and you pay a small fee as low as $40. In the Los Angeles area there are hundreds of marijuana dispensarys and collectives for medical marijuana patients. These marijuana dispensarys provide a wide range of marijuana strains and products. They sell seeds, clones, oil, butter, cookies, brownies, sodas you name it and it can be made with marijuana. You do not have to smoke marijuana to feel the effects. You can ingest it by eating or drinking or using a rub over the skin. You can also vaporize marijuana which prevents ever having to smoke marijuana. Medical marijuana has such a wide range of uses the majority of Americans are now in transition into accepting it nationwide. It will be a very short time before its completely legal in the entire USA for recreational use. Washington state and Colorado have already made it legal for RECREATIONAL use! Medical marijuana has arrived and its here to stay. Alcohol and Cigarettes are so deadly and bad for you I find it hard to believe that something so natural and safe like Marijuana is illegal. Its a NATURAL God made PLANT! How can something natural be illegal!? Who cares if its illegal, it won't be for long. It's 420 time...