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Kill Spider Mites Guide

What are spider mites?
Spider mites are small insects that eat plants and build huge colonies. Marijuana plants are very vulnerable to spider mites.

My marijuana plants have small white spots and small bugs, what is that?
These are spider mites and you must kill them right away.

How do I kill spider mites on my marijuana?
I would recommend you use organic poisons to kill the spider mites. If you use dangerous chemicals on the plants you risk smoking poison.
Never use any bug spray or pesticide that is not organic.

What organic bug spray pesticide should I use to kill spider mites?
Neem Oil can be used and bought in a spray bottle. Spray the plants once a week, make sure you do not spray the plants the last 3 weeks before harvest. You do not want a bad taste or neem oil residue so avoid spraying the last 3 weeks and rinse your plants with pure clean water.

You can also make a recipe: Boil 1 Tbs Chili Powder, tbs Nutmeg, and tbs Cinnamon in one gallon of water for an hour. Strain the liquid through a coffee filter. Spray your plants once it cools. You must rinse the plants off with fresh water once you are done treating the plants.

Some ways to control spider mites:
Increase the humidity and spray the plants with water. Spider mites do not like humidity, so spraying the plants regularly is a good way to get rid of the spider mites and prevent future infestations.

Wipe off the leaves to start so you can remove large numbers. Squash and kill any obvious groups with your hand if you see them.

Remove all leaves that have bad damage and large colonies on them. If one of your plants is super infested consider killing it to help prevent the spread and slow it down.

If you have the option, blast the plant with a water hose and blow them off the plant.

Buy predators that eat spider mites like Lady Bugs. They will eat the spider mites and many other insects in the garden. You can buy lady bugs at nurseries and online.

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