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Outdoor Grow Guide

How do you grow huge outdoor plants? Growing outdoors in the sun is the best way to insure massively big plants. An indoor grow light can never compare or achieve what the sun can do. The sun is a star, a massive star 1 million times the size of the earth. It’s covered in plasma and the amount of light emitted from the sun can make you go blind if you stared at the sun. Marijuana plants grown outdoors are much bigger than any plant grown indoors. Outdoor marijuana plants can grow up to 20 feet tall. Have you ever seen a 20 foot tall marijuana plant indoors? Chances are you never have and never will.


A grow light is not meant to replace the sun, but for indoor plants there is no choice. So if you have the option of growing marijuana outdoors, DO IT. An outdoor plant can give you 4-10 lbs. of weed per plant if you know what you’re doing. An indoor marijuana plant giving you 1 lb. of weed would be lucky. Most people growing indoors get from 1-5 oz. per plant. If they are pros they can get closer to 8-14oz per plant indoors. Most people indoors like to grow small 1 cola plants in large numbers which can add up quickly. However, nothing can compare to an outdoor harvest. The powerful sun and almost infinite energy has a perfect Kelvin and color rating. The sun is natural after all and it was meant to grow plants! If you live in the mountains with heavy tree and bush cover, chances are you have a good soil in the ground to grow giant dank marijuana plants. If you grow outdoors and have bad soil, I would recommend using a good potting soil and huge grow pots. If you grow outdoors I recommend you do it in the ground if you can. Some outdoor gorilla growers like to plant in the ground with a good potting soil as well. Some people grow indoors in pots and then move them outdoors and plant straight into the ground.

Growing outdoors gives you FREE light, so no electricity bills! If you’re going to grow outdoors I recommend you go all organic. Flushing an outdoor plant is much harder than flushing an indoor plant. So if you’re going to spend money on nutrients for your outdoor grow, GO ORGANIC ONLY! This will ensure some dank smell and taste. A lot of people don't know that growing with chemicals can easily ruin the taste of marijuana. People think its ok to grow with Miracle Grow, I can tell you from experience. DO NOT GROW WITH MIRACLE GROW. I grew a huge plant with miracle grow and it TASTED DISGUSTING. That was a long time ago and I learned my lesson. If you’re going to grow with chemical nutrients, make sure they are MADE for marijuana. Do not use chemical nutrients that are not made for marijuana. The plant food at Wal-Mart or Lowes should never be used. Unless you see something organic at those stores do not use it. Many outdoor growers get their nutrients for free or really cheap. People who grow outdoors like to use animal poop and other natural fertilizers found in nature or on a farm. Bat guano is also a popular organic nutrient. No need for setting timers using the sun. The sun will take good care of your plant’s needs. In California the outdoor season starts in the spring and ends in October or November. When spring is a few months away a serious outdoor grower starts to prepare indoors first. A more laid back or lazy grower will just wait for spring and then plant seeds directly into the ground. There are benefits for starting indoors a few months early. Growing plants indoors allows you to kill any unwanted or sickly plants, if a male plant is spotted it can be removed immediately. Some people like to keep good female plants as mothers to take cuttings for an outdoor crop. Clones are a great option because you will know that all of them are female plants and save a lot of time. Imagine wasting months growing a plant from seed outdoors and then it turns out to be a male, what a waste of time and resources. What is a good time to start your seeds or clones? It’s important you get the timing right for an outdoor transplant. During the winter months there is a danger of freezing plants. So it is very important to know when the last freeze day occurs in your area. Check online or find a farmer’s almanac for your area and you may find the last freeze date for your area. If you’re going to grow from seeds indoors start 2 months before your last freeze date. This will allow you the time to see a plants strength and sex just in time for spring planting. If you’re going to grow outdoors using female clones you can start 1 month before the last frost date. A month of grow time is enough for clones to grow a strong root base and start the vegetative stage. If you want much bigger plants at the start of spring you can start indoors much sooner and grow larger vegetative plants. Don't grow the plants to big though, you will need to be moving them around from the inside to the outside. Moving huge plants is much more difficult than a medium sized plant. If you want to save time you can use a pre-made soil. Make sure the soil you buy contains good aeration and a variety of organic contents. You can mix your own for free if you have good soil in your area. If you’re going to buy the soil, a good soil you can use is OCEAN FOREST or ROOTS ORGANICS soil. You can find this soil at a hydroponic shop. Do not use soil that contains a lot of wood particles because they are very acidic. I would avoid all the soil at Lowes, Home Depot and Wal-Mart. Some people say they do well with Miracle Grow Organic, I tried it and hated it. I got a much better result using Ocean Forest and Roots Organic soils. Because medical marijuana is a weed annual, it will require some nutrients to be added throughout the season. Marijuana is a FAST growing weed and some extra juice is always welcome. So this will require you use organic nutrients. You can use an expensive liquid fertilizer if you can afford it, but many growers use organic dry fertilizers. They are much cheaper. Hardening Off Your Medical Marijuana Plants. Once the last frost date has arrived its time to prepare your plants for the outdoors. This is called Hardening off. You have to acclimate indoor plants for the powerful outdoor sun. You must introduce the plants slowly to the brightness of the sun or they can suffer and wilt. Growing under a weak grow light then growing under sun is a traumatic event for a plant when not acclimated. A bigger plant has an easier time going under the sun vs a small clone or plant. When placing your plants outside, place them in a shaded area where they receive only a couple hours of light per day. Every day you should move your plants into a more direct sunlight. Increase the amount of time slowly, have patience so you don't stun the plant and make it wilt. If you see your plant suffering with stress, move your plant back into the shade and start acclimating again. Eventually the plants root systems will expand enough to support the sunlight. In my opinion the more roots your plant has the more water it can intake and help support the heat of the strong sun. How do you transplant indoor medical marijuana to the outdoors? Once the plants are loving the sun and have hardened off you can transfer into the ground. I would highly recommend you use beneficial organisms like mycorrhizae. You can find these type of products at your local hydroponics shop or online. When you dig a hole for your potted plant be sure to mix in the mycorrhizae with the soil you bought or mixed. Place your potted plants into the ground and prepare for some massive big medical marijuana plants. When using store bought organic nutrients just follow the label for directions in using the nutrients. Outdoor marijuana plants are the best tasting most dank buds I have ever smoked, after all they grew for free under the natural and powerful Sun.