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Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis


There are four types of Marijuana weed seed classifications:
Sativa seeds, Indica seeds, Ruderalis seeds (auto flower) and Hybrid seeds (cross)

SATIVA Marijuana Plant seeds

Sativa plants take longer to grow.
Sativa plants are taller than Indica.
Sativas have thinner leaves and a lighter color.
Sativa tastes sweet or earthy and fruity.
Sativa has higher THC content.
Sativa highs is uplifting and has an energetic mental effect.
Sativa is effective in appetite stimulation, helping depression, migraines, nausea.

INDICA Marijuana Plant seeds

Indica plants are shorter and more bushy with harder flowers.
Indicas are darker green and can turn purple.
Indica can taste fruity and sweet or a strong skunk smell.
Indicas work primarily physical.(instead of mental)
Indicas are great to relax and relieve stress.
Indica helps with anxiety, pain, tremors etc.
Indicas are good for the body overall, and can help with insomnia and soreness or arthritis.

RUDERALIS (auto flower) Marijuana Plant seeds

Ruderalis plants grow the shortest and fastest of all types.
Ruderalis grow by age and flower much faster and finish sooner.
Ruderalis is an auto flower so it starts to flower on its own with out a change in length of daylight.
Ruderalis buds on 18 hours of light along side your vegetative plants.
Ruderalis has the least amount of THC so its better when crossed with an INDICA or SATIVA making it into a HYBRID strain.

HYBRID (cross) Marijuana Plant seeds

Hybrids can be made by cross breeding INDICA, SATIVA and RUDERALIS together.
Hybrids have endless mixes and can get the best out of each plant type.
Hybrids are all over the seed market with thousands of flavors and aromas to choose from.
Hybrids are great for customizing taste and aromas.
The majority of marijuana varieties available today are hybrids delivering the best of everything put together.