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LST Low Stress Training Marijuana

Low stress training is another great way to increase and maximize yield. All you have to do is tie down the plant just like a grapvine. Check out the photo below.


LST Low stress training is a straight forward process. As the plant grows and becomes more bushy, simply tie down the branches and lay them out so that there is more room. All the tops can get more light using LST and its recommended even if your topping or fimming. Training your plant to grow sideways saves grow space and increases bud yield. If you never tie down a plant it can get real tall fast and out grow its space. Check out more of these photos to better understand LST Low Stress Training.

In this photo you see a plant that has been topped, topping is only an option.


Now you can see that the plant has been tied down. LST Low Stress Training has begun.


As the other tops grow out, you can continue tieing down the plant.


Plants will resist being tied down and will try to correct themselves. So its important to continue to tie the plant down. I like to use Fishing line because its clear and very strong. If you use Fishing line, do not tie it tight around the stem leave some space for growth. As the plant grows the stem fattens and you don't want the line to cut through the stem.


LST Low Stress training makes your plants like mini grapvines of buds! As you can see in this photo below, the tops at the bottom of the plant are level with the top of the plant. This can only be done using the LST Grow method. Some people like to use chicken wire or egg crate to train their plants. Its called the SCROG method but its basically LST Low Stress Training using chicken wire or egg crate.


In this photo below you can see LST Low Stress Training being used with wire instead of tieing down. This is called the SCROG method.


Here are some more ways to tie down your plant using the LST method. When using round pots you can tie in a circle. Play around with LST and develop your favorite way of tieing down the plant.


So there you have it, another great method for growing more and bigger colas. If you haven't read the fimming and topping guides I would highly recommend it. There is also another way of stress training called Super Cropping which is simular to LST except you do not tie the plant down. Check out the Super Cropping guide as well.