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Water Marijuana Guide

How do you water marijuana? How much water do i use? Is it possible to over water?


This guide is for people who want to learn the proper way to water a plant in pots with soil. It's very easy to over water a plant and kill it. What happens when you over water a marijuana plant? The roots of a plant love oxygen in the soil and when the roots are always wet they get less oxygen. When you over water a plant the roots can also start to rot. Its very common for people to kill the plants with to much water. I see plants over watered in 90% of potted plants at work places, offices, restaurants etc. This will cause the plant to grow slowly or not at all.

To check if your plant needs watering its a simple process and you must do it when using soil.

Stick your finger about 1 inch down into the top soil. If your soil is moist with water you do not need to water it. If you feel any moisture or a cool feeling DO NOT WATER YOUR PLANT!!! Remember your plants roots love oxygen! Your roots can rot, slow down growth or stop growing if you water while its still moist soil. When you let the soil dry this helps the roots breath in more oxygen and it allows the soil to re-breath again.

If the soil is dry from 1 inch down or more you should water your plant. Another good way to know if your soil and plants need water. Lift the plant in the pot up and feel the weight. If it feels light and airy then it becomes obvious that your plant could use some water. When you lift the plant, if it feels slightly heavy or just plain heavy DO NOT WATER.

When you water the soil, make sure the water comes out of the bottom of the pot. So make sure you fill the entire pot of soil with water, until ALL sides are wet. Make a circle canal around the stem of your plant using your hand. This will ensure that the water spreads out evenly on the entire pot of soil. Remove trash and any debris from the top soil.

Make sure you wait until the top of the soil is dry before watering again. Over watering is not a good thing and can slow down or rot the plants roots. It is important to have patience when it comes to watering.

More water is not a good thing, giving the plant only what it needs is all that matters when it comes to watering your marijuana plants. SO REMEMBER. Check 1 inch into the soil if wet or dry. When you water be sure to even out the soil and remove any dead leaves or other trash. I like to press the side of my hand into the soil and make a small water ditch. Water until the water comes out of the bottom. Water well and grow well. Please Join the forums and ask any questions for more personal help.